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India Opportunity
Leveraging Efficiency, Expertise and Experience

At IEP Fund Advisors, we bring a deep understanding of the Indian marketplace, familiarity with the local culture and decades of experience working with Indian companies (both family-led businesses and professionally managed), as well as hands-on experience of driving shareholder value. This gives our team unique access for deal origination and building value across the lifecycle of investments.

The managing partners bring over 70 years of experience in mentoring Indian entrepreneurs and working with Indian businesses.

The Great Indian Consumption Story
  • The market size of India’s fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) is pegged at USD 47.3 billion in 2015 and expected to grow to USD 103.7 billion by 2020, growing at CAGR of 15.3%.
  • Consumer confidence in urban India is the highest globally.
  • If the country sustains its current rate of development, its average household income is likely to treble over the next two decades.
  • Consumer spending levels are expected to more than double by 2025, making the country the fifth largest consumer economy.
Driving Sustainable Value through India’s Consumption Story

India is expected to be the world’s fastest growing and 3rd largest economy by 2030 driven by a young work force and rise in discretionary spending coupled with higher brand consciousness and growing urbanization. Our investment strategy is synchronized with the long-term economic alignment of the country, which is based on India’s growth story of more than a billion opportunities.

Partnering “Make in India” Leaders of Tomorrow

We believe India is a country of entrepreneurs and a land of promising opportunities. IEP Fund Advisors has a superior understanding of the Indian small and mid size business eco-system - a network of business relationships built over four decades of doing business in India backed by diligent research capabilities. This enables us to invest in potential trendsetters and transform them into leaders of the future. Our ability to provide both capital and operational expertise acts as a catalyst of growth for our investee companies, enabling value enhancement for all stakeholders.

The leadership team at IEP Fund Advisors enjoys an impeccable reputation among Indian business leaders and entrepreneurs. Today, it makes IEP Fund Advisors a preferred partner for entrepreneurs and management teams seeking to dominate their respective business segments.