Firm Profile
Our Philosophy

India Equity Partners (IEP Fund Advisors) strongly leverages its leadership team’s experience and unique market access for deal sourcing, deal diligence, generating strong business leads for its portfolio companies and in actively engaging with management teams and entrepreneurs to drive business performance.

In keeping with the above approach, India Equity Partners (IEP Fund Advisors) seeks to acquire controlling or significant minority stakes in companies, with an emphasis on driving change, creating value through timely intervention and opportunistically effecting bolt-on acquisitions. This ensures that we are able to leverage our deep sector knowledge, understanding of niche business segments, strong industry relationships and build a culture of operational excellence.

India Equity Partners (IEP Fund Advisors) seeks to back high quality promoters with an established track record and impeccable reputation. Through our meaningful contributions, we ensure a strong alignment of long-term interests with founders from both institutional and non-institutional background.

Our ability to achieve high returns is typically attributed to a number of factors:

  1. Augmenting management teams
  2. Identifying and implementing complex cost rationalization decisions
  3. Making client introductions and supporting with business development
  4. Identifying and executing bolt-on acquisitions
  5. Assisting with implementation of appropriate capital structure for financing and tax advantages

Our strategy embodies a combination of business and investment-portfolio management. Our investment sweet spots are:

  1. Acquisition of (non-core) business units of institutions/ large business groups
  2. Incubation of unique businesses
  3. Controlling / significant minority stakes in early stage businesses providing primary capital to scale up